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Company Profile

Founded in 1985, CangZhou Juntai Pipe Products Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of pipe fittings for customers all over the world. As one of the largest pipe fitting manufacturers and exporters in China, our location in CangZhou city gives us numerous logistical advantages with our proximity to a major sea port for shipping and delivery. Our massive 150,000 square meter facility is designed in such a way as to streamline operations and keep our 350 employees and production on schedule to ensure you get your pipe fittings quickly and on time.

For more than 30 years, Juntai has been a trusted name for pipe fitting production, processing and customization services. Our facilities include elbow production lines, tee production lines, reducer production lines, pipe cap production lines, flange production lines and other production lines for the manufacturing of a multitude of pipe fittings. We are the only manufacturer in China to supply adjustable elbows.

Every single product is made in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system standards, and before shipment, each undergoes extensive testing to guarantee the quality. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to produce these pipe fittings at the levels of quality our customers expect and require. If you don’t see a product that meets your specifications, let us know, and come to us with your drawings or samples, and we will do everything possible to design pipe fittings and accessories to meet your specific needs. Customers come from all over the world, so come take a look, and see for yourself why we are such a trusted name.